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Topcem Premix


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Product Description

Topcem Premix is a ready-to-use mortar suitable for interior and exterior
applications, bonded as well as unbonded. It has an accelerated set, allowing
for installation of ceramic flooring in 1 day after placement, and nonbreathable
flooring systems in 3 days. Topcem Premix can easily be screeded or sloped,
and has the workability and working time of conventional screed mortars with a
much faster setting time. It is ideal for interior or exterior repairs such as filling
trenches, re-sloping balconies, and forming screeds that may or may not receive
subsequent flooring installations

Product Application

Fast-setting, interior/exterior, ready-to-use screed mortar
For thicknesses from 1/4" to 2" (6 mm to 5 cm) neat and up to 4" (10 cm)
Easily placed by screed and float for flat as well as sloped repairs
When properly mixed and installed, Topcem Premix has a residual moisture
content of less than 2.5% at 48 hours.
A waterproofing membrane can be applied on top of Topcem Premix in as
little as 3 days after placement.

Topcem Premix can be placed in large quantities on horizontal applications.
It is suitable for precast, cast-in-place, post-tensioned and prestressed
concrete repairs from 1/4" to 4" (6 mm to 10 cm) for interior and exterior
horizontal concrete repairs.
Use for renovating and resurfacing interior/exterior horizontal concrete
substrates found in residential, commercial and institutional structures
that are subject to foot traffic and light commercial carts.
Use for interior semi-floating toppings for residential and light commercial
traffic. Use of a diamond lath secured to the engineer-approved wood
substrate is required to maintain structural integrity of the mechanically
fastened semi-floating topping.
Use as a monolithic topping where fast drying is required to allow ceramic
tile to be installed after 24 hours. Also use a monolithic topping where selfleveling
underlayments and toppings will be installed after 24 hours. Use as
a monolithic topping where floor coverings (such as wood and carpet) are
to be installed after 48 hours of application, depending on temperature and
humidity. When properly mixed and installed, Topcem Premix has a residual
moisture content of less than 2.5% at 48 hours.

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