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Masterseal 584


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Product Description

Cementitious waterproof coating for concrete, brick, and masonry
Formerly: Thoroseal Plaster Mix

How does MasterSeal 584 work?

MasterSeal 584 is a cement-based, waterproof coating for concrete, brick, or block. It can be used to eliminate the look of mortar joints and textured by both spray and trowel application.

Product Application

Recommended uses:

Residential and commercial buildings
Water-treatment reservoirs, dams, tunnels, bridges

What are the features of MasterSeal 584?

High-performance properties
Excellent adhesion to mineral substrates
Water-vapor permeable
Provides texture and color uniformity
Wide variety of textured finishes possible
Easy to apply by trowel or spray

What are the benefits of MasterSeal 584?

Fills, seals, and hides surface imperfections
Produces lasting durability
Allows substrate to breathe; protects against surface blisters
Enhances structure’s appearance
Enhances design options
Speeds jobsite production

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