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Masterkure Er 50


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Product Description

Evaporation reducer
Formerly: Confilm

How does MasterKure ER 50 work?

MasterKure ER 50 reduces surface moisture evaporation from freshly placed concrete, especially in rapid-drying conditions, such as high concrete surface or ambient temperatures, low humidity, high winds, direct sunlight, or work in heated interiors during cold weather.

Product Application

Recommended uses:

Concrete surfaces where the evaporation rate exceeds the bleed rate
Air-entrained and non-air-entrained concrete
Silica-fume concrete
Concrete containing fly ash

What are the unique features of MasterKure ER 50?

Does not affect concrete strength (early and ultimate), abrasion resistance, and durability
Reduces or eliminates crusting, stickiness, and underlying sponginess resulting in a consistent surface
Reduces surface moisture evaporation approximately 80% in wind and approximately 40% in sunlight to reduce plastic shrinkage cracking and wind crusting

What are the benefits of MasterKure ER 50?

Allows reduced slump and water content in concrete to facilitate proper hydration of high-strength mixes
Facilitates the use of air-entrained concrete to make air entrainment possible in rapid-drying conditions
Prolongs surface plasticity for longer working time in hot, dry, or windy conditions

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