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Ge Elemax 2600 Awb


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Product Description

GE Elemax 2600 silicone air and waterresistive silicone barrier (AWB) is a solvent free, fluid-applied, 100%
silicone coating for AWB applications to coat and seal above-grade wall assemblies. Elemax 2600 silicone AWB coating provides long-term air and water protection from a variety of elements: temperature extremes, sunlight / UV radiation, rain, and snow.

Product Application

Typical Performance and Application Properties
• Reduced Energy Consumption - Elemax AWB systems control the flow of air and water through the building envelope and create a contiguous barrier to reduce energy consumption in a building by up to an estimated 35%.
• 100% Silicone Durability - Cured silicone rubber exhibits excellent long-term resistance to natural weathering and extreme temperatures with negligible change in elasticity, whether used on the exterior or interior of a wall system.
• UV Resistant - Exposure for 20+ years without measurable change in properties or performance. Excellent product for use behind open joint and ventilated rain screen claddings.
• Self-sealing - Passes water penetration standards for nails and fasteners when tested at system film thickness. Fastener self-sealing ensures that the AWB performs optimally, after
the building is fully clad.
• Fire Characteristics - NFPA 285: Pass- Acceptable for use in multiple wall assemblies. Meets 2015 IBC exemptions for water-resistive barriers. ASTM E84: Class A Flame Spread and
Smoke Generation.
• Elastomeric - Cures to form a permanently flexible continuous membrane virtually unaffected by temperature extremes.

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