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Cox 41002 Jumbo Quart 29 Oz Cradle


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Product Description

Product Description

Product Type: Single Component
Application: Cartridge
Weight: to be confirmed
Capacity: 29 oz. Cartridge
Mix-Ratio(s): non-applicable

Standard 29 oz. Cartridge
Mechanical Advantage 12:1
Switchable Flow Control
Seal Puncturing Device
Wear Compensating Device
Built-In Ladder Hook
Catch Plate - Sintered Steel
Barrel Turns - Application Around Corners
Low-Medium Viscosity Materials
Thumb Activated Instant Pressure Release
High Volume Usage
All Component Replaceable Parts
Available with 18:1 Mechanical Advantage – Model 41002-XT
Available with 26:1 Mechanical Advantage – Model 41002-2T
Available Without Switchable Flow Control – Model 41002-M/1

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