Masterprotect H 440 Vt


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Product Description

Clear, breathable, solvent-based, silane penetrating water-repellent sealer
Formerly: Hydrozo Clear 40 VOC

How does MasterProtect H 440VT work?

MasterProtect H 440VT is a clear, breathable, solvent-based, water-repellent sealer containing 40% silane.

Product Application

Recommended uses:

Above grade

What are the unique features of MasterProtect H 440VT?

No masking of windows necessary and requires no cleaning after application
No residue, will not harm glass windows, metal frames, or painted surfaces
40% silane
Excellent depth of penetration
Does not alter surface appearance

What are the benefits of MasterProtect H 440VT?

Breathability allows interior moisture to escape without damaging sealer
Solvent based, excellent for cold weather applications
Water repellent so it helps to protect the structure from wind-driven rain and chloride intrusion
Surface sealer helps reduce efflorescence, atmospheric staining, and mildew

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