Masterprotect H 1000


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Product Description

High-performance, clear, breathable, 100% silane penetrating sealer
Formerly: Hydrozo 100

How does MasterProtect H 1000 work?

MasterProtect H 1000 is a clear, breathable, high-performance, 100% silane, water repellent sealer that achieves highest depth of penetration.

Product Application

Recommended uses:

Interior and exterior
Horizontal and vertical
Above grade
Traffic-bearing concrete substrates
Bridge decks and substructures
Concrete highway surfaces
Ramps and barrier rails
Parking garages
Many other reinforced concrete structures

What are the unique features of MasterProtect H 1000?

No masking of windows necessary and requires no cleaning after application
No residue, will not harm glass windows, metal frames, or painted surfaces
100% silane
Protects against chloride ion penetration
Excellent depth of penetration
Protects the structure from damage caused by wind-driven rain
Does not alter surface appearance
Surface sealer helps reduce efflorescence, atmospheric staining, and mildew

What are the benefits of MasterProtect H 1000?

Breathability allows interior moisture to escape without damaging sealer
Solvent based, excellent for cold weather applications
Superior water repellence so it penetrates deeply and chemically reacts within the pores of concrete to provide long-lasting protection
Abrasion resistant so it provides long-lasting protection to horizontal substrates subject to traffic, such as bridge decks and highway surfaces

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