Masterkure Cc 250Sb


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Product Description

Low-viscosity, transparent, solvent-based, modified acrylic curing, sealing and dust proofing compound
Formerly: Kure-N-Seal 25LV

How does MasterKure CC 250SB work?

MasterKure CC 250SB is a transparent, low-viscosity, 25% solids, VOC compliant, solvent-based acrylic curing, sealing and dust proofing compound designed for better application at cool temperatures. It complies with ASTM C 1315, Type 1, Class A.

Product Application

Recommended uses:

Interior and exterior
Horizontal and vertical substrate
Decorative concrete
Exposed aggregate

What are the unique features of MasterKure CC 250SB?

Solvent-based for excellent blush/whitening resistance
VOC compliant for EPA and most regional jurisdictions
Compatible with most carpet and tile adhesives
Semi-gloss appearances so surfaces look newer and brighter
Good UV resistance for retention of transparency
Sprayable with suitable pump up canister sprayer

What are the benefits of MasterKure CC 250SB?

Ensures high curing efficiency allowing concrete to attain its full strength potential
Reduces surface absorption and dusting of concrete for easier cleaning and maintenance
Retains moisture in concrete to minimize shrinkage cracking
Low viscosity to provide easier application at cool temperatures
Abrasion-resistant to withstand foot traffic and provide extended wear

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