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Product Description

A low-modulus weatherproofing silicone sealant that can provide extreme joint movement capability for applications where low bondline stress is desired. Supplied as a paste, SCS2700 produces a durable rubber joint sealant upon cure.

Movement capability – with +100/-50 movement capability, SCS2700 can accommodate higher movements in extension than many weatherproofing sealants and has excellent recovery after extension and compression cycling.
Low Modulus – softer and more flexible than many silicone sealants, creating reduced stress in working joints.

Silicone durability – once cured, silicone exhibits excellent long-term resistance to natural weathering, including: extreme temperatures, ultraviolet radiation, rain and snow, with negligible change in elasticity.
Adhesion – SCS2700 features primerless adhesion to most nonporous construction materials, eliminating the risks associated with improper primer application on those materials and reducing costs associated with primer and subsequent labor. SCS2700 can be used with many substrates and finishes, including: glass, polycarbonate, vinyl, plastics, coated and anodized aluminum, EIFs, concrete, brick, and wood.

Strength properties – combining high tear strength and the capacity to absorb high deformations (elongation), SCS2700 is an exceptional choice for most high movement and seismic applications.
Thermal stability (cured state) – remains elastic under a wide range of weather conditions, from –55° F (-48° C) to 300° F (149° C) and can withstand 400° F (204° C) temperatures with intermittent exposure.

Product Application

Stable consistency (uncured state) – supplied as a lightweight paste, SCS2700 remains unchanged over a wide temperature range making the paste easily gunned and tooled in both hot and cold conditions.

Extended work life – allows for prolonged placement and tooling time.

Low sag or slump – allows for horizontal, vertical, and overhead application. Once cured SCS2700 forms a strong seal with minimal sinkage or slippage.

Packaging configurations – available in 10.1 fl oz cartridge, 20 fl oz sausage pack, 2 gallon and 5 gallon pails.

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