Masterprotect P 8100 Ap


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Product Description

One-component zinc-rich epoxy primer for steel reinforcement
Formerly: Zincrich Rebar Primer

How does MasterProtect P 8100AP work?

MasterProtect P 8100AR is a one-component zinc-rich epoxy primer. It is designed to prime and protect reinforcing steel. MasterProtect P 8100AR combats corrosion through electro-chemical means by preventing anode transfer.

Product Application

Recommended use:

As a primer for existing reinforcing steel

What are the unique features of MasterProtect P 8100AP?

Dries to touch in 15 – 45 minutes
Epoxy chemistry
No restrictive pot life
One-component product

What are the benefits of MasterProtect P 8100AP?

Time saving
Compatible with all repair mortars
Allows ample time for proper application
Easy to use

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