Sika Grout 212


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Product Description

High performance, cementitious grout

SikaGrout® 212 is a non-shrink, cementitious grout with a unique 2-stage shrinkage compensating
mechanism. It is non-metallic and contains no chloride.
With a special blend of shrinkage-reducing and plasticizing/water-reducing agents, SikaGrout®
212 compensates for shrinkage in both the plastic and hardened states. A structural
grout, SikaGrout® 212 provides the advantage of multiple fluidity with a single component.
SikaGrout ® 212 meets ASTM C-1107 (Grade C).

Product Application

Where to Use
Use for structural grouting of column base plates, machine base plates, anchor rods,
bearing plates, etc.
Use on grade, above and below grade, indoors and out.
Multiple fluidity allows ease of placement: ram in place as a dry pack, trowel-apply as a
medium flow, pour or pump as high flow.

Easy to use, just add water.
Multiple fluidity with one material.
Non-metallic, will not stain or rust.
Low heat build-up.
Excellent for pumping: Does not segregate, even at high flow. No build-up on equipment
Superior freeze/thaw resistance.
Resistant to oil and water.
Meets ASTM C-1107 (Grade C).
Shows positive expansion when tested
SikaGrout® 212 is USDA-approved.

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