Masterflow 713


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Product Description

High-precision non-shrink mineral-aggregate grout
Formerly: Masterflow 713 Plus

How does MasterFlow 713 work?

MasterFlow 713 is a cement-based grout with specially graded mineral aggregates. It can be used at any consistency from fluid to damp pack for applications that require precision support and early form stripping or shoulder trimming.

Product Application

Recommended uses:

Precision-equipment, base plate, soleplate, and column grouting
Pump and tank bases
Fan housings and drive motors
Grouting precast wall panels, beams and columns, concrete systems, structural building members and curtain walls
Grouting anchor bolts, rebar and dowel rods

What are the unique features of MasterFlow 713?

Single component, ready to mix and use
Non-shrinking leaving no gaps around equipment and forms
Meets the requirements of ASTM C1107 and US Army Corps of Engineers CRD C621 (ASTM C1107-93a, Grades B and C), at a fluid consistency over a 30 minute working time
Has the appearance of concrete or mortar
Allows early form stripping or shoulder trimming

What are the benefits of MasterFlow 713?

Hardens free of bleeding and settlement providing maximum effective bearing area for optimum load transfer
Highly fluid allowing pumpability into intricate or inaccessible areas
Fluid, flowable, plastic, or damp-pack consistencies to help adjust to jobsite conditions
Freeze/thaw resistant making it suitable for exterior applications

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