Ge Ssg4400 Ultraglaze* Sealant


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Product Description

SSG4400 UltraGlaze sealant is a great choice to consider for structural glazing and curtainwall fabrication in-shop. With two cure speed options and an adjustable work life, SSG4400 UltraGlaze sealant can conform to your fabrication and assembly process.

SSG4400 UltraGlaze sealant securely bonds without a primer to many substrates and finishes, including glass, polycarbonate, coated and anodized aluminum, and ceramic frits. Some finishes may require a primer.

GE SSG4400 UltraGlaze is a high-modulus neutral curing structural silicone elastomeric adhesive for use in shop, factory and field glazing of curtainwall panels. SSG4400 is a two-component product (part A + part B) that upon mixing, yields rapid and thorough deep-section cure, fast durometer and strength build and quick curing to high strength durable silicone rubber.

Product Application

• SSG4400 is suitable for use in structural glazing applications such as factory or field glazing of curtainwall units and modules for unitized and panelized systems.
• SSG4400 is suitable for use as a weatherseal product, when movement expected in the joint does not exceed its movement capability (±25%).
• Adjustable work life—Variable ratio of parts A+B to accommodate assembly and application under varying conditions.
• Catalyst options—Standard or increased cure speed and strength to accommodate faster project schedules and unit tip time.
• High application rate—Faster and more thorough joint filling capability with easier tooling effort.
• Silicone durability—Cured silicone rubber exhibits excellent long term resistance to natural weathering including: extreme temperatures, ultraviolet radiation, rain and snow, with negligible change in elasticity.
• Primerless adhesion—Attains strong bonds to many conventional substrates and finishes without the need of a primer. Primer may be used on some finishes to speed up adhesion time.
• Low pumping viscosity—Provides for long pump life and reduced maintenance on equipment.
• Fast durometer & strength build—Enhances early stability of assembled unit.

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