Ge Sws* Silicone Weatherproofing


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Product Description

SWS weatherproofing sealant is a single-component, neutral cure silicone, which is an excellent candidate for use in new or remedial weathersealing applications.

SWS exhibits negligible change in physical properties after weathering and upon cure, becomes a
low- modulus, formed-in-place durable rubber building joint & glazing sealant.

Product Application

Typical Performance Properties
• Silicone Durability - cured silicone rubber exhibits excellent long-term resistance to natural weathering, including: ultraviolet radiation, high and low temperatures and rain
and snow, with little change in elasticity.
• High Performance - SWS offers the durability of a true silicone sealant but at an economical price level similar to lesser-performing sealant types.
• ±35% Movement Capacity - can accommodate 35% movement in both extension and compression and
has excellent recovery after cycling.
• Primerless Adhesion - to many substrates and finishes. May be considered a candidate for use with the following materials: glass, polycarbonate, vinyl, plastics, wood, painted & anodized
aluminum, brick, terra-cotta, ceramic and porcelain materials, concrete and natural stones. Some finishes or substrates may require a primer.

• Good Workability - temperature stable paste which is easily gunned and tooled under hot and cold conditions.
• Extended Work Life - designed to allow sufficient time for placement and tooling before skinning.

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