Masterseal 590


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Product Description

Product Description

One-component, cement-based, fast-setting water-stop repair mortar
Formerly: Waterplug

How does MasterSeal 590 work?

MasterSeal 590 is a one-component, quick-setting, portland-cement-based hydraulic repair mortar that instantly stops running water through holes or cracks in concrete or masonry. It expands as it sets to lock into place even under constant water pressure.

Product Application

Recommended uses:

Nonmoving (static) cracks and holes with running water or moisture seepage
For immersion service
For anchoring vertical bolts
Retaining walls

What are the features of MasterSeal 590?

Fully hydraulic
Shrinkage compensated
Ready to topcoat in 15 minutes with appropriate product
Durable nonmetallic, non-gypsum formula
Formulation available for cold-weather applications

What are the benefits of MasterSeal 590?

Stops running water; develops high-strength quickly
Sets above or below water
Expands to lock in place
Mixes easily with water only
Minimizes downtime
Maintains volume stability over time
Use in all seasons and climates

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