Sika Maxtack Fast Grab Adhesive


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Product Description

Sika MaxTack Fast Grab Adhesive is a one-part, water-based, high strength. interior fast grab adhesive with excellent adhesion properties. This multipurpose high strength adhesive bonds to most substrates, eliminatingthe need for nails and screws in many do-it-yourself repair projects.

Where to Use
Building materials indoors
Ideal for molding, paneling, tiles, and various fixtures
Bonds to various porous materials such as concrete, mortar, fiber cement, drywall, ceramics, wood, foam board, painted substrates and more

Product Application

Cut the top plastic of the cartridge and attach the plastic nozzle.Apply pressure and form vertical beads of the adhesive, at intervals of few centimeters, onto your prepared substrate.

Press or tap part to be bonded well onto the adhesive to ensure good adhesion.
Adhesive layer thickness depending on surface evenness 0.1 to 0.3 cm. A 0.3 cm thickness adhesive layer must be limited to avoid sliding of the bonded part.

If necessary, use adhesive tapes, wedges or props to hold the assembled elements together in case of heavier elements for the first 48 hours of curing.

An incorrectly positioned element can be easily readjusted during 5 minutes after application. Apply pressure again.

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