Ge Rc 20 Acrylic Silicone


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Product Description

A paintable, easy-to-use, siliconized acrylic caulk with acoustical ratings.

Acoustical Performance – when used properly, pigmented RCS20 siliconized acrylic sealant grades have been shown to maintain a 43 STC (Sound Transmission Class) and a 32 OITC (Outdoor/Indoor Transportation Class) acoustical performance in a Wall System (ASTM E90 and C919).

Adhesion – bonds to most conventional substrates and finishes including: wood, metal, concrete, brick, plaster, masonry, drywall, glass, and ceramic tile. Some finishes or substrates may require a primer.

Product Application

Paintable – may be painted with latex and oil based paints. For best results allow overnight for thorough drying before applying paints.

Stable consistency – vacuumized to remove microscopic air allowing for a smooth, consistent application free of air voids.

Clean up – cleans easily with soap and water.

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